Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to working in partnership with clients to help them build a foundation for a healthy future while ensuring an excellent customer experience for our families and professional mental health partners.

Job Title:  QMHP-A/C

Qualifications:  QMHP-A/C will have at least a bachelor's degree in human services or related field from an accredited college in, social work, psychology, psychiatric rehabilitation, sociology, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, human services counseling or other degree deemed equivalent to those approved via DMAS for QMHP.  QMHP-A/C will have at least 1-2 years of case management experience and/or counseling experience working with individuals (1) with cognitive deficits (2) physical disabilities (3) other mental health issues that may require support counseling. The QMHP-A/C will be trained in the following areas: First Aid/CPR, HIV/Blood borne Pathogens, Human Rights and Ethics. QMHP-A/C will have at least one year of documented experience providing direct services (developing, conducting, and approving assessments and individual service plans) with individuals who have an intellectual disability (mental retardation) or other developmental disabilities. QMHP-A/C must be certified with the Virginia Department of Health Professions Board of Counseling.

Position Description: The QMHP-A/C will provide Mental Health Skills Building Services, Intensive In-Home Services or Crisis Stabilization services to individuals between the ages of 4 years to 65 years old. The QMHP-A/C will be responsible for developing and implementing treatment plans in accordance with program description and client’s needs.  QMHP-A/C will develop written Individual Service Plan after a clinical assessments and diagnoses for the purpose of establishing treatment goals and objectives are created. QMHP-A/C is also required to complete Discharge Reports and ISP Reviews to track the client’s progress while receiving services. QMHP-A/C will be responsible for recommending appropriate services for client and aid the client in collaborating with these services. QMHP-A/C will obtain weekly contact with referral agency (if applicable) and will conduct appropriate discharge planning when necessary. QMHP-A/C will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating treatment plans using treatment interventions to facilitate human development and to identify and remediate mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. QMHP-A/C will be required to complete weekly progress notes to document the client’s weekly progress as it pertains to the client’s goals. QMHP-A/C will also be required to attend individual supervision and group supervision once per week to receive clinical feedback on the client’s progress while receiving services.