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Crisis Stabilization Services

Our Crisis Stabilization services are committed to responding to mental health crises 24 hours a day. We provide intense short-term mental health intervention to individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. The goal is to immediate stabilize the individual to avoid hospitalization by immediately developing a service plan that thoroughly addresses their mental health needs and safety issues..



What can an individual expect from Crisis Stabilization Services?

Crisis Stabilization Services are implemented with a framework of modeling, teaching, safety planning, and feedback. Treatment modalities are unique to the person served and are critical to assist clients to generalize skill development. Individuals should expect to:

Who is eligible to receive Crisis Stabilization Services?

In order to be eligible for crisis stabilization services, one must meet two of the following criteria. They must have:

Our crisis team includes qualified counselors, licensed professionals, and psychiatrists who consult on each case and make suitable client-centered recommendations for treatment.

  • Difficulty establishing and maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to a degree that one is at risk of hospitalization, homelessness or isolation from social supports.

  • Difficulty maintaining activities of daily living, such as hygiene, food preparation or managing finances to the degree that health or safety is jeopardized.

  • Inappropriate behavior that necessitates immediate interventions by mental health, social services or the judicial system.

  • Difficulty in cognitive ability. For example, one is unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior.